Working with the Vines

While sustainable winegrowing only truly became popular during the past few years,

we have been using environmentally friendly farming techniques since 1997. In 2008, a logical development led us to engage in biodynamic winegrowing. We confidently use these methods not because it's the “trendy” thing to do, but because they are consistent with our values. Registered by an accreditation organisation in 2011, we guarantee our customers to meet specific organic requirements.
Inter-vine hoes, garden claws, manual tillers, and ploughs were always a part of our language and culture. The soil of young vines is tilled using animal draught power (horses) to keep the land from compacting. By moderately and carefully intervening, we are committed to helping our vines flourish.
This philosophy is essential in order to bring out the true “taste of the terroir” and give soul to the heart of our wine.
Grapes are harvested when fully ripe and sorted grape-by-grape to draw out the best possible juice.


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